Do You Want to Learn Self Massage Techniques?

Do You Want to Learn Self Massage Techniques?

Massage is a sensual experience that tickles and excites all of the senses. You can feel the therapist’s hands as they glide over your body, providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Dimmed lighting adds to the mystery, yet just enough to catch a glimpse of your companion to pique the brain’s interest.

How can you take an already enjoyable event and make it even more enjoyable? Why not give yourself a self massage using natural oils? You can also visit path retreats to get a massage.

  1. Massage your face and scalp

Using the palm of your hands on your face, neck, and full fingers for your cheeks, use upward sweeping motion. All of these movements will help you relax, elevate your skin, and unfurrow your brow.

  1. Massage your neck and shoulders

Hook your fingers over your hefty shoulder muscles, and roll them over it to feel the fibres beneath your skin. Lower your ear to the opposite shoulder to stretch the trapezius muscle while continuing to massage the area.

  1. Massage your stomach and back

Stroke the tummy with both hands from side to side. Then, with your entire hand, hold the sides of your waist and gently “pinch” them. To relieve lower back pain, use a tennis ball.

  1. Massage your legs and feet

Sit in a butterfly stance and open your feet. To press into the soft hollow area right beneath the ball of your foot, use your thumbs. Slowly and steadily massage the acupressure points, then press, hold, and breathe.

Self-massaging is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves.

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