A Guide to Buying Breakfast Bar Stools

A Guide to Buying Breakfast Bar Stools

Your brand new modern kitchen has just been fitted and you are now trying to find some suitable kitchen stools for the breakfast bar. The first thing you will notice when browsing the various bar stool stores online is that most are now very modern looking in their design.

Lots of chrome is now the ‘in’ look together with Z shaped designs that start at the base, come up for the foot rest then kick back and in again to form the arm rest.

The look is quite amazing and certainly grabs any home visitor’s attention but are they really practical?

The first thing you should be considering is the safety of the stool. A kitchen is a dangerous place for children and the last thing you need is for a stool to tip over while a child is trying to climb aboard to reach the cotton candy machine. Solid heavy bases are best for kitchen stools where children are in the family.

Another problem with the modern zig zag style design is that the stool height is fixed. A more contemporary design with a centre pole will have a gas lift system to guarantee the stool is a comfy fit for your breakfast bar regardless of the user’s size.

While we are on the subject of comfort, have you actually sat on one of those new style bar stools? Because of the shape of the frame there is a certain amount of spring in the stool when you sit on it. It takes a little time getting used to and leaning back also requires a certain amount of bravery.

There is nothing wrong with going for an ultra modern styled kitchen stool but you shouldn’t order this type online. Go to the store, sit on it and try it out. Think about how much time you and your family spend in the kitchen.

Will you be happy climbing on and off it?Will the kids manage to get on and off safely?Is it actually comfy and will it still be after an hour?Is the height suitable for your breakfast bar – will all the families knees fit under ok?

There are a few stools that are ultra modern yet incorporate all the features you would expect to find in a more practical design..

Also note the extra thin base associated with the modern style yet the stool weighs in at a hefty 40lbs ensuring it won’t topple over no matter how fidgety the user is.

Bottom Line

While we all want furniture that looks modern and contemporary, don’t give up comfort and practicality for it. There are plenty of kitchen stools that offer both if you are prepared to shop around.

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